Partnership for the Public Good

PPG is a new “think and do tank” dedicated to providing research and advocacy support to a broad array of organizations who share a community oriented vision of a revitalized Greater Buffalo.

PPG’s goal is to support the work of its partners in three main areas:

  • Research.  To bring academic and grass-roots organizations together to produce high-quality, objective research about pressing problems and solutions.
  • Advocacy.  To support our partners’ advocacy efforts with technical assistance, networking, position statements, public testimony, media work, and work with elected officials.
  • Communication.  To enhance our partners’ communication with each other, the public, the media, and government with monthly forums, directories, informational bulletins, etc.

Please visit our wikispace to read more about PPG and download research reports and policy statements.


4 responses to “Partnership for the Public Good

  1. You might find this tongue-in-cheek fable resonates with the sensibilities of this Partnership.

  2. I am very impressed with the work being done by PPG and would like to lend the support of my initiative, Buffalo Niagara Arts and Culture. Our mission is to better showcase this regions quality of life by leveraging our vast cultural assets through communication, connection and collaboration.

  3. I would like to be there and listen to the discussion, but too far to do so. I wonder if you could upload midi file so that anyone could listen to the panel discussion later and it would be great resource for the future. If there is that I missed it, please let us know the URL 😉

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