Governance Platform Planks

Governance Platform Planks

Reform New York State’s Subsidy Programs

New York State should reform its major subsidy programs such as, Industrial Development Agencies and Empire Zones, to ensure that economic dollars are being spent wisely and with maximum community input. Reform legislation should include job quality standards (living and prevailing wages), local hiring, and green building requirements, anti-pirating and recapture mechanisms, and anti-sprawl provisions. Locally, the six IDAs in Erie County should be merged into one countywide authority.

Reform City Contracting

The City of Buffalo should pass an ordinance reforming its contracting procedures to:

a. Centralize all contracting in one department;

b. Post the key data about each contract in a publicly accessible web-site;

c. Maximize use of local and green products and services.

Require Community Benefit Agreements for Erie Canal Redevelopment

No subsidies should be given to Bass Pro or other corporations without a community benefit agreement requiring living wage jobs, environmentally friendly building and operations, and a building and site design appropriate to the location.


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