People Platform Planks

People Platform Planks

Restore Progressivity and Fairness in Income Taxes

New York State should collect more revenue by restoring higher marginal income tax rates on incomes above $250,000. In addition, New York State should provide targeted guaranteed protection against unaffordable local property taxes with an expanded “circuit breaker” which would cap the portion of a households income it could be required to pay in property taxes.

Create a “Green Collar” Job Training Program

New York State should fund a large scale residential retrofit and “green collar” job training program would provide home energy audits and a range of site-appropriate upgrades such as insulating walls, switching energy-guzzling appliances and light bulbs to Energy Star models, incorporating green building materials, installing a live green roof, or looking at alternative power sources where feasible.  These green upgrades should be paired with workforce policy to develop job-linked training that creates access to jobs in distressed parts of the state, and establishes career paths with certifications and family-sustaining wage standards.

Reform Welfare to Encourage Higher Education

New York State should allow the attainment of a two-year degree while individuals are receiving welfare benefits, and New York State should allow education to count as work activity allowing people receiving public assistance to attain a higher education and move from welfare to work.


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