Place Platform Planks

Place Platform Planks

Invest in Public Transit

The GBNRTC and the NFTA should focus on and prioritize transit improvements linking Downtown with the Airport (Airport Corridor) as well as both University at Buffalo campuses (University Corridor).

Encourage Block – by – Block Revitalization

Existing neighborhood revitalization programs at the City of Buffalo (such as HOME and Community Development Block Grant funds) and New York State (from agencies such as Division of Housing and Community Renewal, and the Housing Finance Agency) levels should incorporate criteria for comprehensive community development, ensuring that communities and not just individual buildings are addressed.

Establish an Erie County Planning Board

Erie County should pass and implement a Countywide Planning Board, operationalizing the Erie Niagara Framework for Regional Growth, to help guide investment decisions in a rational and cost effective manner.

Create and Implement Green Plans

Erie County and the City of Buffalo should hire full-time sustainability directors and staff to work with the community to create and implement plans with measurable goals to make our governments and our communities more sustainable, including compliance with the US Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement.


2 responses to “Place Platform Planks

  1. Kirk Laubenstein

    I think it makes sense to change zoning codes so that they actually reflect what is happening in neighborhoods. I believe that this would fall to the city to work on.

    I also believe that community gardens in the city of Buffalo should be specified as such on city land use maps, and also protected from sale as long as they are in productive use.

  2. Kirk Laubenstein

    How about including a push for composting programs and recylcing programs that work better and are more well funded? I think that could be on a city level and maybe also on the county level.

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